The chef of our "LA PROVENCE" restaurant invites you to travel and experience Provence through a menu of refined courses and many wonderful flavours.
Weather permitting, come and enjoy your meal on the terrace, only a few steps away from the swimming pool.

Our "La Provence" restaurant is open every day, lunch and dinner except Saturday and Sunday.

Menu options :

You have several options to choose from the courses listed on our menu:

- Starter + Main Course
- Main Course + Dessert
- Starter + Main Course + Dessert

Menu suggestions :

Our starters :
- Tomato and mango carpaccio on thyme eggplant caviar served with a pesto sauce
- Fresh garden market salad....

Our main courses :
- Grilled seafood skewers (shrimp and scallop skewers...)
- Grilled beef skewers (skirt steak, lamb saddle chops...)

Our desserts :
- Lemon tartlet served with a chocolate sauce and amaretto ice cream
- Chocolate raspberry fondant served with red currant sorbet....